Planetary Ink

Consulting/Project Management

The best laid plans can often go awry—and communications projects are no exception. Time restraints, for instance, can prevent in-house staff members from dedicating attention to critical steps, such as creating a production schedule and outlining objectives. Absent of clearly defined goals and strategies, even the most brilliant publications and web sites can lose their luster. What’s more, a carefully projected budget can skyrocket unmercifully if no one is assigned to monitor it.

At Planetary Ink, we work to ensure that your project does not fall victim to unpredictable perils. We know that the quality of your project plays a key role in your success. That’s why, when needed, we offer content consulting and project management solutions along with editing and writing services. It’s just one more way to ensure that your message meets the right universe of readers.

If you would like to talk with clients who have benefited from Planetary Ink’s project management services, please contact us, and we can connect you.